Almirante Ferry Bocas del Toro Panama

Getting to the beautiful island chain of Bocas del Toro by car can be quite a task. But, if you have a car and plan on staying on Isla Colon for a extended length of time,almirante ferry panama it’s worth bringing the car over on the Almirante Ferry. Though must travel around Bocas island is by boat many times a car can come in handy.

We recently spent a long working vacation in Bocas del Toro and decided to bring Pucha’s car over on the ferry. Certain times of the year the ferry fills-up, so the best bet is to secure a spot in line early in the morning, real early.

After driving during the day, we crashed for the night in Almirante at the Hotel La Preferida. At three am we bolted out of bed to get the car in line for the ferry. The ferry leaves port at eight in the morning, but large trucks bringing goods to the markets of Bocas start arriving from David and Panama City during the AM hours of the night filling the line. Not always, but at times it’s possible to arrive as early as five and the line be full.

This was one of those mornings when there were not very many trucks and the ferry did not even fill-up. We could have slept in and got there right before it was going to leave port and been fine. We ended up sleeping in the car about as much as we did in the hotel. Oh well, better safe than sorry!

The ferry has different prices for different size cars. For a pick-up truck it’s $45.00 each way. It runs everyday of the week except Monday’s. It is about an hour and a half trip from Almirante to Bocas.

There are also passenger only boats that run all day from Almirante to Bocas and back for a minimum price if you want to leave your car at a guarded parking area. The boats run about every 30 minutes and the trip time takes about 30 minutes.

If you do not need your car in Bocas, sleep in and take the fast boat.

See you on the island!