Achutupo Community, San Blas, Panama

Achutupo is a medium-sized island community in the eastern part of San Blas, Panama.  This part of the San Blas Isalnds is the most distant area tourists can visit (by plane and small boat).  It’s a great place to spend a few days  especially if you are interested in Kuna life and culture.  The Kuna in this area don’t see as many tourists as other parts of the Archipelago so the energy and authenticity in this area is more organic and they people seem very receptive to non native visitors.

Relaxing and beautiful this area is totally off the grid but there are places to stay.  I rested my head at Dad Ibe Lodge.  One morning we set of to do some diving and afterwards headed to the Community of Achtupo for some cold beers.  The only thing greater then the reception I received was the stunning view and natural beauty of the island and surrounding area.  Although the beer was warm our hosts were gracious and the coconuts were fresh and tasty.  For a taste of true Kuna hospitality and life, visit Achutupo Community.

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