Torio Panama Ludvigs Towers

Most of the time while traveling down the Veraguas Coast and surfing in Morillo or Mariato I end up staying at Ludvigs.  The business license says Ludvigs Towers, but everyone knows the place as simply “Ludvig’s.”

Ludvig is a Norwegian ex-pat business man who owns a large real estate development, hotel, restaurant, and bakery in Torio.  He’s a very friendly gentleman that always has a smile and a positive attitude.  His place offers various rooms in almost anyone’s price range and the food is good and the cerveza’s cold.  I took a few quick photos of the premises before hitting the road back towards playa Venao after checking out on my last surf trip over there.

If you are ever in the Torio area, Ludvig’s is a good option for inexpensive accommodations.  To find it just cross the bridge over the Torio River and it’s the only hotel on the left.  If you get  lost just say “donde esta Ludvig’s” to almost anyone along the side of the road and they will most likely point you in the right direction.

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