Sancocho, A Panamanian Classic


Sancocho, a delish Panamanian soup.

Throughout my travels I’ve become very accustomed to a high starch diet.  In most parts of the world rice and beans are a staple with every meal.  Salads and veggies are a very American/European thing.  Unfortunately, rice, beans and plantains are not conducive to keeping a girlish figure.

But in Panama, they love their soup.

Sancocho to be exact.  And it’s loaded with chicken and whatever veggies can be found.  Fish through the yuca/manioc and other starchy roots and you’ll find a filling, broth based bowl of deliciousness that won’t weigh you down.  Loaded with a spice similar to cilantro, this soup is found on almost every menu in Panama.

So if you’ve had your fill of fish, chicken and/or plantains give Sancocho a try.  It’s filling, won’t weigh you down and every chef prepares it a little differently.  I highly doubt you’ll be disappointed.

Click through the gallery below for a look at different takes on Sancocho throughout Panama.

Buen Provecho!