Rufina Alfaro, Hero of Los Santos, Panama

Rufina Alfaro, Hero of Los Santos

Rufina Alfaro, Hero of Los Santos

A very modernist (and very naked) representation of Rufina Alfaro stands in the town square of Los Santos, Panama.  The story behind her nakedness is as follows.

Panama was under Spanish rule and itching for its freedom, especially in the interior town of Los Santos. Rufina Alfaro came to the rescue with her ginormous breasts. Rumor has it that she took her large endowments down to where the Spanish soldiers were staying and distracted them just long enough for the freedom fighters in Los Santos to make their move. Within days the town of Los Santos was the first to gain freedom from the Spaniards in Panama. Eighteen days,after the entire country followed suit and Panama was declared a free nation.

There are other versions of the story where “Madame” Alfaro brought her girls and they all helped in the distraction, but you get the point. The moral of the story is the same…if you want something done…send a woman to do it!!!

***A big thank you to Richy Arosemena for the photo!***