Rio Pedregal Playa Cambutal

Panama has an abundance of deserted beaches.cambutal-rio-pedregalOf course on weekends or holidays many beaches are full of visitors getting away for a nice day at the beach, but the majority of playas en Panama are nearly empty most days.

I recently had family visiting from the United States. We spent a weekend at the Hotel Playa Cambutal. This was a good destination to allow them the experience of enjoying some of Panama’s deserted beaches. After a day of us surfing in front of the hotel and my visiting family combing the huge playa Cambutal for sea shells, I decided to drive them out to Rio Pedregal - a popular surfing destination.

Rio Pedregal is a beautiful river mouth valley
that spills into the ocean near the Cerro Hoya National Park. The Cerro Hoya is one of Panama’s least accessible parks located on the south-western tip of the Azuero Peninsula. One needs a good four wheel drive to arrive to Rio Pedregal, it’s only accessible by driving on the beach or crossing over a small mountain via a steep rutted out road. Our visit was on a weekend so there were a couple of families and some local surfers enjoying the river and the waves. My mother and her friend continued their enthusiastic search for sea shells (it’s as if sea shells are made of gold or some other precious mineral) and I went for a quick surf.

If you are a surfer or just an adventurer that enjoys far out places, take a trip out to Playa Cambutal and on to Rio Pedregal, I guarantee you will find lots of beaches and hardly any one else,  just you, maybe a couple of others, and lots of nature.

Oh! One more thing. If you drive to Rio Pedregal make sure and visit during low tide. If you stay to late as the tide rises, if lucky, you will be stuck there until the tide recedes. If unlucky, the ocean may consume your vehicle!

Note – On this visit it was the peak of the dry season, during the rainy season all the brown hillsides turn to lush green.