Playita Resort Playa Venao Panama

Just around the corner from Playa Venao sits a large protected waterway called La Playita. It’s a great beach for those in need of a calm waterway for smallplaya venao hotel children.

La Playita Resort, situated on this beautiful private cove, is one of the most interesting hotels in the area. The owner loves birds and has done a great job breeding beautiful macaws that hang out around the hotel. There are also emu’s, chickens, pigeons, parrots and monkeys cruising the grounds at any given moment. It’s practically a zoo.

Not only are there birds of many kinds but, unique metal and wooden sculptures scattered around.

The Playita Resort has many different large comfortable rooms and a quality restaurant for it’s guests. The property is open for the public to visit La Playita for a small fee, so be prepared to share the beach with other tourists. It’s usually not too crowded except on weekends or holidays.

La Playita is very popular with families from all over the Panama. It is not rare to meet someone who has driven for 4 to 5 hours just to spend a day at La Playita.

La Playita is one of the few beaches in this area that has ample shady space near the waters edge for those not wanting to bake in the tropical sun while still being close to the ocean.

I highly recommend La Playita for at least a night or two, especially if traveling with kids. I guarantee they will enjoy the wildlife and the beach.