Playa Venao Week Day – Surfing Skating and Naked Trike Riding

When the waves are good at Playa Venao and there is hardly anyone in the water surfing, even if it’s a weekday, I just have to Panama, travel, los santospaddle out. Responsibilities can wait till mañana.

Wednesday this week was one of those days.  The surf at playa Venao was not perfect, but it was fun and nearly empty.  Waves were breaking everywhere going unridden, I just had to catch a few.  I ended up surfing almost all day.

Right now Panamanian kids are out of school for semester break. There were families enjoying themselves, a hand full of tourists and not many surfers, Playa Venao at it’s best. A beautiful beach with few people.

My sister Lauren is enjoying learning to take surf photos. For a person who does not surf she is doing a great job. She snapped some good shots of the action on the beach and out in the water.

Another lovely day in Panama.