Playa Venao Resort

Since the seven years I have been living in Panama I have seen many changes. One major change is the development at PlayaLos Santos, Pedasi, Resort, Hotel, Panama Venao. Where once stood a small rustic open air restaurant and four nearly crumbling cabins is now a large sprawling ocean front hotel complex complete with infinity pool. Yes, times are changing at my local surf break Playa Venao.

Located on the Azuero Peninsula, about 30 minutes outside of Pedasi, Playa Venao is the epicenter of surfing in this area of Los Santos. It’s a good wave. I will admit there are better waves in Panama, but there are none that offer both the convenience and consistency like Venao. It’s probably the only consistent wave in Panama that you can park your car in front of the waters edge, jump in for a surf with few people, and step out to a free shower and cold beverages or hot food at an ocean side restaurant.

Playa Venao now has two operating ocean front hotels right in front of the break with a new one being built. One of those is the new Playa Venao Resort. The other day while walking around the premises after a surf I snapped a few photos of the grounds and infinity pool. They are not completely finished with all the construction, but are well on their way. The hotel is looking nice, Im sure they will have no problem finding patrons.