Playa Venao Panama 4-Wheeling

Oh the serenity of the beach. The soothing sound of the ocean, gentle breezes, sunshine, the smell of salt air, sand between your toes and of course noisy, gas playa venao panamaburning four wheelers, driving back and forth down the beach. So it was the other day at Playa Venao. Nothing like a loud mechanical vehicle that’s made for farm work or trail riding zooming down the sand with obvious enibriated drivers at the helm.

Look, Im all into having fun. I totally understand the enjoyment of getting some fresh air out on the open beach or muddy trail, but come on, take the four wheeler where it belongs, don’t drive it up and down a crowded beach. But hey, this is Panama, as long as no one gets hurt no big deal. That’s the beauty of living here, no harm no foul, you may do some things I do not like and I may do some things you do not like. Don’t get upset at me, I don’t get upset at you. It’s cool. We can move on.

Every once in a while some one shows up at the beach with a trailer of quads and unloads them at the parking lot at Venao and drives their 4-wheeler up and down the beach between everyone, its a little annoying. The latest “off-roaders” got theirs stuck while there was a bunch of us celebrating a one year olds birthday party at the rancho by the Playa Venao Resort. It was entertaining watching them get it free. They were very lucky the tide was going out and not coming in. I don’t wish anyone ill fortune and am glad they got it out of the sand and salt water, but I did enjoy the show as they worked to get it out. Maybe next time they will leave the quads back at the ranch.