Playa Panamaes, Pedasi Panama

Like many quiet beautiful beaches here in Panama, Playa Panamaes is at the end of the road.

azuero beach

Scoti enjoys Panamaes!

Only a short drive from Pedasi, Panamaes is near the small village of Destiladeros. The areas best luxury hotel, Villa Camila, is located in Destiladeros. Azueros, a high end neighborhood and Villa Romana, a great hotel, are located along the Pacific Ocean on the way out to the old fishing village of Puerto Escondido. At the end of the dirt road just a little farther is Playa Panamaes. We spent a day out there with family and friends to get away from the Carnaval action back in Pedasi. It was a nice relaxing day of throwing frisbee, picnic, body surfing and fun.

Playa Panamaes is yet another beautiful beach in Panama that rarely has a beach comber. It’s a great place to walk, swim and enjoy the sun and sand. Just do not expect to share your special moment with others, unless they came with you.

See you at the beach…or maybe not.