Playa Los Destiladeros Azuero Panama

One of the location shots for Pucha Garcias 2013 Calendar shoot was playa los Destiladeros.  Los Destiladeros is at the end of the newly paved road near Villapedasi, azuero, villa camila Camila and the Azuero Lofts and residences.

Like most of the beaches in Panama the beach was deserted.  We arrived shortly after sunrise to take advantage of the good light for the photo shoot. The place was empty and beautiful.

Playa los Destiladeros is only a short drive outside of Pedasi.  One heads out of town towards playa Venao and turns left off the main road in Limon. Stay on this road, at the Y go right, cross a couple of bridges and the road dead ends at the beach. You’re there!

Just before the beach, on the right is the entrance to Villa Camila and about a 100 meters past that is the entrance into the Azueros. If you are in the Pedasi area for a visit make a reservation at Villa Camila for dinner. The food is good, service is excellent and the ambience is incredible. There is no other place like it in this area. Truly one of a kind.

If you drive into the Azueros follow the bumpy dirt road till the end to playa Panamaes, another beautiful beach that is almost always empty.  Like most beautiful places in Panama, Panamaes is empty most of the time.

If interested in doing some quiet soul searching, strolling lonely beaches, enjoying ocean breezes, take a ride to playa los Destiladeros and start walking, you’ll be alone in no time.