Playa el Toro Surf Sun and Moon Rise

Though it is not the most consistentpedasi panama
surfing beach in Panama, Playa el Toro is known to throw out a few surf nuggets every once in a while.
Located just outside of town from Pedasi towards the developments of Andromeda and Costa Pedasi, Playa el Toro is to the left when the road forks on the way to Playa La Garita.

Playa el Toro is a good spot with a collection of ridable reefs when the Pacific swells are very large and the wind is blowing hard onshore at other popular breaks like Playa Venao or Playa Destiladeros. Tucked around the corner from Punta Mala and facing almost due east, Playa el Toro is protected from the seasonal southerly winds that blow during the end of the rainy season. These same south winds that create ugly choppy conditions at the usual surfing beaches blow slightly offshore at Playa el Toro grooming the surf for clean rides. Popularized by the local body board crowd, Playa el Toro and Playa la Garita are two of the most popular breaks with in walking distance from Pedasi.

If you are not into surfing, Playa el Toro is a great beach for snorkeling or taking a beach stroll. At low tide there are large rock reefs exposed with an abundance of small tidal pools for exploring. The beach is almost always immaculately clean due to the diligence of it’s most loyal local, a interesting character nicknamed Cabeza which translated means head. Cabeza is at Playa el Toro almost every day raking the beach of driftwood and plastic garbage that floats up. He has a little camp area beach side that hosts local and tourist campers. It’s not uncommon to pull down to the beach and see Cabeza grilling fresh fish over a wood fire. Cabeza is always game for a chat or someone to lend him a hand with beach clean up. He’s kind of a local legend down at el Toro.

There is also a restaurant on the hill over looking the beautiful Pacific Ocean and Playa el Toro. Bull Beach Restaurant is a chill spot to have a cold beer a ceviche and enjoy the view.

A while ago I cruised down to Toro in the evening and snapped a few pictures of the locals surfing on a small day. These are not the best examples of how good the surf can get there or how beautiful the beach can be. Like always, on the good days I do not have the patience to stand on the beach to take pictures, Im rushing to get in the water to catch some waves and enjoy the sunshine.

If you are in Pedasi and need to grab a quick beach fix head down to Playa el Toro. At dawn el Toro is by far the best viewing place for sunrise as its easterly facing position lends a spectacular shot of our star rising over the mighty Pacific. Rising full moons are also incredible to witness at Playa el Toro. Chat with Cabeza and I assure you he will help you pile some driftwood for a bond fire especially in trade for a few cold Panama’s.