Playa El Toro – Pedasi, Panama

Playa El Toro, Pedadi, Panama

Playa El Toro, Pedasi, Panama

In Panama you are never far away from a beach.  Pacific or Caribbean they are always close by.  What amazes me is that you can go to these beaches and they will be completely deserted!  That was the case at Playa El Toro this week.  Some friends and I visited and had the place pretty much to ourselves.  What a nice way to spend a few hours and break up the work day!

Playa El Toro is a black sand, pacific coast beach that is a 35 minute walk from the center of Pedasi Town.  There are signs pointing the way.  It’s hard to get lost but the good news is, if you do you’ll eventually end up at another beach that is just as beautiful called Lagart Point.

I’ve been told that Playa El Toro is a great surf spot too! It has a left and right rock bottom point break.  (I don’t surf so this is second hand information.)  Playa El Toro is no good for snorkeling as there are too many rocks and the water is usually pretty rough.

Playa El Toro is a nice way to waste a day.  Next time you’re in Pedasi stop by and check it out!