Playa Destiladeros Surf

Only a few minutes by car south of Pedasi is a beautiful set of beaches locally called Destiladeros. playa destiladeros
To find the turn off just look for the Cafe Limon sign on the left hand side of the highway, only minutes outside of Pedasi when driving towards Playa Venao.

Destiladeros is the name of a tiny community just up the road from these desolate Pacific coast beaches. There are a number of beautiful beaches in this area. Playa Panamaes, Playa Escondido, Roca Point and Iguanita are just a few. This area is home to a number of large villas and beautiful ocean front hotels. Villa Romana, Posado Los Destiladeros and Azuero Ocean Lofts have been established for years and are great places to stay for those looking to get away from cell phone service with luxury amenities.

For local Pedasi and Destiladeros surfers these beaches are home to a number of surf breaks. Recently we took a trip out during a large swell to score some reef surf. This is another one of those areas that has a number of waves that only break for a short while due to Panama’s large tidal flux. One needs to know exactly what tide to show up. Luckily we knew. The waves were fun and we had them all to ourselves.

See you in the water!