Playa Cambutal Tropical Wood and Furniture

The spectacular hand made custom furniture that is proudly displayed throughout Hotel Playa Cambutal was created in the owners personal sawmill and wood panama custom furnitureshop.

If traveling out to Playa Cambutal one can not miss the huge metal building on the right hand side just as entering into town. The building looks as if it belongs in Panama City, not in the small sleepy community of Cambutal. The mill and shop would be the envy of any good carpenter. Keith, manager of the mill and the owners man on the ground in Cambutal, gave me a tour of the operation. I had driven by this building many times on my way to surf, but never had stopped in to check it out. I have known Keith for years and was stoked when he asked me if I wanted to take some photos of the operation.

The large mill is loaded with large pieces of tropical hardwoods, cut into logs and stacked to dry. All the custom wood work throughout the Hotel Playa Cambutal was processed there in the mill. Keith enjoys building unique pieces of furniture from the native material they have in the lumber yard.

If you decide to live on this portion of the Azuero Peninsula and are looking for custom furniture or maybe a custom home, bring your design ideas and talk to Keith. He may be able to help build what you are looking for. Just find the Hotel Playa Cambutal on the beach and ask for him. He will not be hard to find.