Playa Cambutal Panama

At the end of the paved national highway that runs through Pedasi, Playa Venao, and Tonosi lies the small fishing village of Playa Cambutal.  It’s located about an cambutal-beachhour past Playa Venao on the edge of the Cerro Hoya National Park, one of the most wild areas in Panama.  It’s greener, a little more rainy and the waves are always a little bigger in Cambutal.

There are various hotels located on the beach in playa Cambutal from modern AC with pool to pitch your tent shared bathroom camping.

Over the weekend, the swell was unusually small so we took a Sunday drive out to Cambutal to look at the surf, unfortunately the wind was wrong by the time we got there, so we spent some time walking the beach.  Waves or no waves, Playa Cambutal is still a beautiful place to visit and take a walk on a desolate pacific beach.






  1. The surfing is just darn good! My favorite is Playa Pavonnes, way down south on the pacific side of Costa Rica. Not much for accomodations but a large and secure area for camping is found right on the beach. What great surf! I caught a left on one that must have taken me a half a mile!! Incredible dude.