Playa El Arenal Volunteer Beach Clean Up Pedasi

Last saturday there was a volunteer beach clean up at Playa el Arenal, Pedasi.  Playa el Arenal is the launching point for Pedasi fishermen, tours to beautiful Isla Iguana andplaya el arenal, beach clean up, limpieza de playa, isla iguana, whale watching, fishermen for area whale watching.

The beach clean up was a big success.  The Pedasi Scouts showed up in full force along with a large group of local kids and many of the areas ex-pat’s.  Local businesses, the Pedasi Municipality and the Panamanian coastal authority helped sponsor the event supplying garbage bags, gloves, cold drinks, hotdogs, chips and prizes.  The kids separated the garbage depending upon type so it could all be taken to the local recycling facility.

The beach cleanup was a big success and a fun time, Playa el Arenal has never been so clean.