Playa Arenal Ranchito Pedasi

After moving to Pedasi and settling in, one of my first ventures with a local was to the beach of Playa Arenal. There (somewhat hidden) is a true Panamanian treasure. It is called the Ranchito. The Ranchito is operated by Lydia and Maglio along with help from other family members. There you can sit under the covered palm roof and enjoy a cold beer or soda and a great fish plate or other Panamanian food. It is a great place to see the true heartbeat of Pedasi. Playa Arenal is also the port of Pedasi and you can watch the fishermen coming and going, tour boats headed for Isla Iguana, families frolicking in the ocean and nearly always a huge cargo ship on the horizon headed for the Panama canal. Don’t miss this stop when coming to Pedasi. Just take the road to Playa Arenal and at the end of the pavment go to your right, through the post fence and you will see The Ranchito of Pedasi.