Pedasi Tire Repair


Pedasi Llantaria, Tire Store, Pedasi, Los Santos

So you are here in Pedasi Los Santos Province Panama and you are having a grand old time, but then you find out you have a flat tire.

Been there and done it.  Being a retired woman here it is always good to know that the Panama men will help in a flash to change a tire.  It is not that I do not know how it is just that those darn tight lug nuts can be a problem.  So on with the story.  You have the tire changed and you are ready to go again, BUT you have a FLAT SPARE TIRE.  Not so good.  What a relief to know you do not have to drive 100 kilometers round trip to get it repaired.  Just drop by the Llantaria (Tire Shop) and they will take good care of you. They certainly did me.


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