Pedasi Mini-Super Aires del Mar


What a happy day it was when I discovered the Mini Super Aires del Mar had opened in Pedasi Panama. My oh my what a thrill to walk through the aisles and discover long sought after food items and not have to drive to another town. Not only that, but the owners are happy to have your business and let you know it with a friendly greeting. I quickly felt like I had made some new friends who gave me a bit of their secret family steak marinating sauce.

If there is something I want and it is not on the shelf they seem to always find it and have it there on my next visit. Once it was Hersheys chocolate syrup. But most importantly they seem to have the greatest selection of vegetables in town. Mini Super Aires del Mar is located next to the service station as you are entering Pedasi from Las Tablas, near the turn-off to Playa Arenal.