Pedasi Hardware Stores


As I have mentioned before in other articles, being a retired single woman in Pedasi can sometimes be interesting.hardware, la tormenta, los santos, panama, travel

A classic case for needing hardware in a hurry happened to me when my toilet handle broke. After having it repaired, replaced etc. twice before by a gentleman, I decided to take matters into my own hands. How hard can it be? I disassembled the handle and attachments, went to the hardware store with parts in hand, found one of the same size without help, paid for it and returned to my home. In a jiff I had repaired a problem that I had been battling for almost two years. No problems since. My point to all this rambling is that there are two great hardward stores in Pedasi where I have bought basic tools, my bicycle, umbrellas, picture hanging stuff, fence for my dog, screen for windows, latches and the list goes on. One is Grupo Moreno, located on the main road next to Smiley’s and the other is La Tormenta Ferreteria located a few blocks past Dim’s Hostel on the right-hand side of the road.  La Tormenta is owned by one of the nicest Panamanians you will ever meet, Ciro is his name and he is a one of a kind character, he reminds me of the barber Floyd from the old Andy Griffith Show.