Ox Cart Parade, Festival Nacional de la Mejorana

Ox Cart Parade, Festival Nacional de la Mejorana – Guarare, PanamaOne of the highlights and most attended events at LaFestival Nacional de la Mejorana in Guarare, Panama is the Ox Cart Parade.

Parade floats pulled by Oxen (cows) make their way through the streets of Guarare.  The floats are sponsored and designed by organizations, towns and groups from all over Panama.  Some of them are topped with a beautiful woman wearing a tradition Pollera, others depict a local craft or trade.  Some, don’t seem to depict much of anything but the reoccurring theme throughout every float is the life, energy and vitality that is Panama.

Different ethnic groups from across the country are also represented.  Between the floats there is dancing, singing and chanting.  It’s not uncommon for the parade to increase in size as spectators from the streets are constantly joining in and marching along with the parade!

My words just don’t do it justice.  Click through the gallery below for a visual taste of the Ox Cart Parade!