My Little Buddy Henry

I just wanted to share one of my fond memories panama childrenshortly after arrriving in Pedasi.
I was just settled in my house and really needed to get to work in my small front yard. So I purchased the necessary garden tools, found some plants, started pulling weeds, digging up rocks and planting flowers.

My neighbors and new friends would pop over for a quick, or sometimeseating oranges panama
not so quick, visit. Passing my translation dictionary back and forth and sharing my extra pair of reading glasses with them we would find away to communicate.

From these visits I met my little friend, a beautiful boy named Henry. I discovered Henry loved oranges, so I would slice one up and give it to him for a snack. He would sit there patiently enjoying his orange. We didn’t talk much, because Henry of course was not into reading dictionaries. In fact Henry wasn’t much into talking at all then. But somehow, we became real buddies.

There were thousands of palm seeds on the ground in my little front yard. So, while I worked Henry would take his little plastic cup and help me by picking up palm seeds. We would get pretty hot in the tropical Panama heat, so we took breaks for water and Henry’s favorite, orange slices.

As Henry lived just across the street, some mornings when he saw me out in the yard he arrived in his pajamas for work. The only problem was that he had sneaked over. I would hear his Mom calling for little Henry and I would shout back that he was with me. Henry sneaked over a lot in those days. We were all concerned, because there are some drivers who speed by with no concern for the possibility of a small child crossing the street in front of them. Henry was just not old enough to understand the danger and stop and look. Sadly Mom had to start keeping her front door locked and his route of escape was closed off. Of course, I understood but I missed his solo visits.

As time passed, Henry grew, begin to talk a lot and start the journey of attending school. I watched him learn to ride his big wheels, his first bicycle with trainer wheels and now a regular bike.

Time does fly and time with my little buddy Henry is one I will always cherish.




  1. Carter Martens says:

    Simply fascinating Charlie, those are some of the best memories to cherish. Perhaps (no pun intended) that planted a seed for you and Pucha to start your family.

    See you in a few weeks!

    Carter Martens