Morillo Panama Teen Surf Trip

Few surf breaks here in Panama get me as excited as Morillo. What was once nearly an unknown surf break on the Veraguas Coast is now a morillo panama, kalani, noriel, torio, veraguaspopular destination for most Panamanian surfers with a dependable vehicle. The wave is one of the most consistent breaks in Panama, it’s rare to find waves there under head high. When my local break of Venao is small, Morillo is a sure bet to find bigger more powerful surf.

This past weekend Pucha and I took Kalani and two of his friends to Morillo for a weekend surf get-a-way. We stayed at our usual hotel, Ludwig’s, in the small community of Torio. We brought a grill and cooler for on the beach snacks and cold drinks and we’re able to collect tons of coco’s for fresh, nourishing pipa’s. The surf was fun as expected and the teens had a great time. This was the first time any of them have ever been to Morillo. It was great bringing the youngsters along, they never want to get out of the water, so I was able to get plenty of surfing time. Thanks kids!