Melo Pet and Garden Supply Chitre

Melo is most likely the largest agriculture supply company in all of Panama. They have agricultural stores in nearly every town where one can purchase anythingmelo, chitre from herbicide, animal medicines, fertilizer chemicals and feed.

Agriculture is big business in Panama, as I often mention – crops and cattle are everywhere in Panama. There should be no excuse for Panamanians to go hungry, food is everywhere.

In most of the large towns Melo has specialty pet and garden supply stores, one of these is in Chitre, located near the Super 99 and McDonalds. I often purchase food and meds for our cat and dog in Melo Pet and Garden. They are one of the few stores in this area that carries the Hill’s brand of specialty cat foods.

Melo Pet and Garden also has a large supply of gardening products such as hoses, fertilizers, potting soil, pots, tools, lawn mowers and seeds. Whatever garden or pet needs you may have while in Panama check for a Melo Pet and Garden in your area and if you need large scale agriculture supplies, you probably already know where the nearest Melo is located.