Mail from the States to Panama Uno Express

One issue that nearly every expat worries about upon arrival to Panama is how to receive mail from their home country. There are various services available for thosemail panama from US of us who need to order online goods, receive packages from family or need a business mailing solution.

Mailing a letter or small package from Panama to North America or Europe is easy. Just go to the local national post office in one of the larger towns, fill out a form, leave a copy of your identification, pay a small fee and with in a week or so your mail arrives at it’s destination.
I usually go to Chitre or Las Tablas if I need to mail something to the states and so far everything has arrived in a short time frame.

Receiving mail from the states is a little more complicated. In my case I use a service called Hot Express. They are out of Miami. Hot Express sets their clients up with a address in Florida so you can order products online, which requires a physical address in the states. Once their clients mail arrives to Miami they fly it to Panama City. From Panama City the mail is sent via Uno Express to their offices around the interior of Panama. Uno Express is one of the many companies that handle shipments throughout the country between their different offices. It normally only takes two to three days for a package to arrive from Miami to the Uno Express office for customer pick-up. Items can be mailed via the US Post Office to Panama, but in my experience it takes longer and is irritating having to open packages in a small office with a customs officer watching me.

Depending on where one lives in Panama, with a little research, a mailing solution can be found. I use the Uno Express and Hot Express combination to get the items I need from the United States to Panama.