Las Tablas Panama Town Park

Most towns in Panama have a central park in the town center.  The park in Las Tablas was recently remodeled.  I recently spent time at a small Las Tablas Church, Las Tablas Park, Santa Librada, Iglesia, Los Santosopen-air restaurant named Bambu Lounge located on the second story of a commercial space with a balcony over looking the park.  It’s a comfortable lounge scene that I will definitely return to.

There are  a number of small businesses and government buildings situated around the park, including a pizzeria, bakery, pharmacy, veterinary clinic, beauty salon, museum, cantina and a famous church, La Iglesia de Santa Librada.  There is even a hot dog stand and fish sandwich cart open in the evenings.  A hotdog with a drink is only a $1.00.

Whenever passing through Las Tablas one can not miss the park.  It’s a great place to chill and do some people watching.

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