La Casa de Las Pipas Panama

In Panama one learns to enjoy the little things.  If you know what you are looking for here there are all kinds of  jewels that most folks would pass by chitre, las tablas, pipa, azuerowithout even noticing.

La Casa de Las Pipas, between Chitre and Las Tablas, is one of the “little things” that I enjoy almost every time I travel to Chitre.  A pipa is a young green coconut that is full of refreshing coconut water. When chilled, pipa water is delicious and healthy. At La Casa de Las Pipas you can buy one  straight out of an ice cold refrigerator and the owner will open it and hand you a straw.  They’re only 35 cents.  No preservatives, no artificial flavors or coloring, just delicious natural coconut water from a coconut palm tree near-by. They will even bust the pipa in half for you and hand you a spoon to eat the delicious soft pulp. Um-um…

The owner of the pipa house insisted on posing with a whale rib bone he has stashed behind the coconut cooler.  He is quite proud of his large animal bone. If you are on your way down the Azuero Peninsula and are looking for a natural refreshing cold drink – stop in to La Casa de Las Pipas for a ice cold pipa and enjoy one of the little things here in Panama.