La Arena de Chitre

Just north of Chitre, on the road to Divisa, is the small town of La Arena. La Arena is nationally known for it’s hand made pottery and freshChitre, Panama, Herrera, Artist, Art, Market bread. There are panaderias (bakeries) on nearly every corner in La Arena and between the panaderias there is probably a small family owned shop selling their hand made pottery and hammocks among other trinkets.

Last week I had to shop for a piece of pottery for my girlfriends kid for a school project while running errands around Chitre. I stopped by nearly all the local shops and even the government created artist cooperative, I snapped some photos along the journey and finally found the right piece for the project. If on your way to Chitre, Las Tablas, Pedasi or Playa Venao stop by La Arena for a chicha (tropical fruit juice and sugar) and pan (bread) or by some souvenirs to bring home to the family.