Just a little more Carnaval en Pedasi

Unfortunately, I never made it to Carnaval at night in Pedasi. We go to bed early in this part of the world and since we don’t live in the middle of town, the carneval panama 201fireworks and endless music did not keep us up all night. Believe me, if I were living in downtown Pedasi during Carnaval I would have had to cave in and join the party till the wee hours.

On the last day of Carnaval we took the kids down in the morning when los culecos started before we all headed out to the beach for a surf. Carnaval en Pedasi in the mornings is rather quiet. It’s a good time to eat some home made coconut ice cream and get hosed down.

Of course there is always a few cars with sound systems blasting music. Panamanians love their fiestas loud, no matter what hour. Noise ordinances do not exist in this part of latin america. Which is fine by me. Not that I “turn it up” anymore, but if I choose to get loud one day – no one would mind.

Anyways, here are a few photos, the last for me for this years carnaval.