Julio Sanche Legendary Chitre Car Mechanic

It is common to hear both expats and Panamanians gripe about the slow pace or incompetence of many of the “professionals” chitre-panama-auto-mechanichere in Panama. Utility companies, government bureacracies, contractors, architects, engineers, lawyers, any profession in any country has it’s good and bad. In the case of a foreign expat, many times it is just a matter of finding the correct references to enable the connection with a quality professional. Do not get me wrong, there are many Panamanian businesses and trained professionals that know how to do a great job in a timely manner for a reasonable fee. 

For me one of my trusted  professionals that I have spent a lot of time with is my car mechanic.

Julio Sanchez or “Mechanico Sanche” (Mechanic Sanche) as he is known through out Chitre is one of the most dependable and responsible people I know here in Panama. Sanche is always in his auto shop when I show up for my appointment. He always has a quick response to my car’s problem and if there is an item that he would rather allow some one else to work on, he always refers me to another responsible car mechanic.

Sanche is an older gentleman, but do not let that fool you. He works at a rapid fire pace. He hates having cars in his shop overnight. His theory is if a shop has a bunch of cars parked for an extended period of time, the mechanic is not doing his job.

Sanche’s mechanic shop is across the street from his home. It’s not the latest state of the art car shop with a comfortable lobby, sofas and cable tv. At Sanche’s there is no time for sitting down. Taking your car to Sanche’s is a hands on experience, he will probably ask you to pass wrenches, screwdrivers or maybe grab hold of something while he works. If you want it done fast, you may have to pitch in.

When Sanche does not have any car’s to work on he works on his small garden in the back behind the shop and creates unique art pieces from recycled material. See the photos below of the four wheel drive and boat with a cow riding in the back. It’s for sale if you are interested.

Yes, Mechanico Sanche is the quickest, most dependable auto mechanic here in Panama that I know. I would not trust my car with anyone else. If you are in the area of Chitre and need a mechanic, just contact me or ask around for Mechanico Julio Sanche, he will take care of you and get you back on the road as soon as possible. Just do not wear your nicest clothes, you may get a little grease on them.