Isla de Cañas, Panama

Isla de Cañas, Panama

Isla de Canas, Panama

Since being in Panama I’ve survived a plane crash, climbed mountains, forged rivers, and survived a stampede of bulls. And now I can add “run in with the police” to that list.

It was planed to be a peaceful day on the Island of Cañas walking the beach with my mother…little did we know how it would end…

Getting to Cañas is easy you pass through Pedasi head towards (and pass) Playa Venao, and Cañas is a little ways down on the left. Turn left at the sign that says “Cañas” and you’ll eventually hit water.  My brother knew a guy who had a boat who would take us to the island but if you ask any of the locals they can put you in contact with someone who can boat you over for a nominal fee.  I think our price was $30 round trip.

The trip took about 20 minutes through calm waters.  The ride was beautiful.  Mangroves, birds, butterflies and trees. We saw them all. Upon reaching the dock at Isla Cañas we agreed upon a time our “captain” would pick us up. Off mama and I went on our Cañas adventure.

The island of Cañas is small. From the “port” follow the path to the center of town.  Keep left (between the islands only two stores which sell an assortment of groceries, and the barest of essentials) for about 5 more minutes and you’ll end up at the beach. A black sand, pacific coast beach, the view is breathtaking. Lots of sand, calm water and shells EVERYWHERE! You can’t take more than two steps without spotting sand dollars, sun-dial shells, and all kinds of sea treasures. My mother, a self diagnosed “shell-a-holic” came prepared with a bag to place her many treasures in.

FYI: picking up and removing anything from the Island of Cañas is against the law. They will stop you on the way out, in the town center and confiscate your shells.  You will then have to walk the 5 minutes back to the port with your head down in shame.

What an adventure Cañas was. So much for a peaceful beach walking experience.  Was it worth the visit?  I don’t know.  The beach was beautiful, it was awesome to see so many shells just lying there and I hear that during turtle nesting season this is the place to be in the evenings to witness the hatching and trek to the sea.

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