Hotel Playa Cambutal

Hotel Playa Cambutal is the first and best hotel you come to once hitting the beach road in Playa Cambutal. The two story hotel is playa cambutalsurrounded by full growm coconut palms and impeccable landscaping, it’s impossible to miss. They have a large pool and a beautiful grassy lawn that kisses the sand heading down to the great Pacific Ocean.

I stopped by there to say hello to some friends and snap a few photos of the premises. The water was choppy and the light not as good as I would have liked, but you can get the picture as to what a beautiful corner of Panama is Playa Cambutal.

The owner of Hotel Playa Cambutal also owns a large saw mill and wood shop, the only one of its kind on the Azuero Peninsula. Keith, the manager of the mill and who spear headed the construction of Hotel Playa Cambutal gave me a tour of the saw mill and wood shop. Check out the photos in an upcoming post. Much like the Hotel Playa Cambutal, the operation is one of a kind for this part of Panama.

Like I always say, if you are going to venture as far as Pedasi or Playa Venao on your visit to Panama, take the extra hour or so to drive out to Playa Cambutal and stay the night at the Hotel Playa Cambutal. There are few road accessible beaches with-in Panama that compare.