Gran Hotel Azuero Chitre

The best lunch that I have found in Chitre is at the Gran Hotel Azuero located on the main road coming into Chitre from Divisa.gran hotel azuero panama

The Gran Hotel Azuero is Chitre’s newest hotel.

I have to spend many hours in Chitre running errands. At least once every week or so I have something I need to do there. If I am in Chitre during lunch hours I almost always stop in at the Gran Hotel Azuero for their special. They serve soup, entree and dessert for a minimum price. The service is excellent, food delicious and I am yet to eat the same thing twice. A rarity for a Panamanian lunch special.

Though I have not stayed at the hotel I have walked around the establishment and peaked in one of the vacant rooms. The premises are immaculate and the rooms large and well decorated. They have a pool and modern gym for their guests. There is also a well stocked spirits store owned by local Pesé distillery Varelas Hermanos. I do not know for sure, but I am guessing that they are owners of the hotel.

I would recommend trying the hotel if you are in need of lodging in Chitre. If the state of the grounds, food and service are any indication of the quality of the stay, then I am willing to bet it will be a good choice. I know the next time I find myself in search of hospedaje in Chitre I will check availability in the Gran Hotel Azuero.