Fonda el Corotu Panama

Between Chitre and Las Tablas, just outside of La Villa de Los Santos, is one of the best restaurants on the Azuero los santos, chitre, las tablas, venao, tamales, sancocho, panama fonda el corotuPeninsula for home style cooked Panamanian food.

Panamanians love food cooked over a wood fire, they love the flavor it gives the dishes. I agree, it does taste better. The smoke and little bit of ash that mixes with the food adds a great flavor.

Fonda el Corotu is an open air eatery only open on Thursdays through Sundays for lunch and an early dinner and almost all their food is cooked over wood burning stoves. They serve a delicious Sancocho (Panamanian chicken soup), home made tamales wrapped in plantain leaves and other popular delicious Panamanian dishes.  Like many of the better restaurants in the interior, Fonda el Corotu is not fancy and not expensive.  Do not expect table clothes and air condition – just simple great food.

If you are on your way to Las Tablas, Pedasi or Venao and are hungry, look for this restaurant on the right hand side of the road a few minutes past the new hospital being constructed outside of Los Santos.  It’s just before the tiny school house and church in the small village of El Ejido.

Buen provecho!