Festival Nacional de la Mejorana – Guarare, Panama

In 1949, Professor Manuel F. Zárate, a native of Guararé, realized that without careful preservation, over time the cultures of his beloved Panama could be lost.  Therefore he created la Festival Nacional de la Mejorana.  What is a Mejorana you ask?  It’s a traditional Panamanian stringed instrument similar to the guitar.   This weeklong event has much more to offer then just plucky guitar music.

Festival Nacional de la Mejorana has become the most renowned folkloric festival in the Republic of Panamá and more than sixty years later, the  Festival continues to promote the Panamanian folklore and protects the traditional customs that are an integral part of life in the provinces of Panamá.

Each year, along with the Patron Saint Festival of the Virgin of Las Mercedes, the Guarareños (the people of Guararé) organize an event  in this little town in the Azuero Peninsula that gathers a staggering number of folkloric groups from around the country.  The objective of the festival is to enjoy, share, and preserve Panamanian folklore. Musical performances, dancing, singing, traditional costuming, bull fights, an oxcart parade, food and drink, arts and crafts, festival royalty and many other folkloric events and competitions take place during the Festival.  Guararé is a town that is welcoming and festive it becomes host each September to natives and visitors alike who want a taste of traditional Panamanian folklore.

This event has everything you could imagine.  Click on the highlighted links above for more detailed information about  La Festival Nacional de le Mejorana!