Feria Internacional de Azuero

La Feria Internacional de Azuero is the peninsulas version of a country fair. panama fair

Held each year in the town of Los Santos (near Chitre), the Azuero fair attracts people from all over the country.

Just like the Feria Internacional de David, Azuero’s International Fair is made up of nearly every type of business vendor. Local craftsmen to international corporations come to offer special prices for those ready to make a purchase. The fair is not just for fun and games, in Panama the fair’s are also where deals are made and the latest products are sold. Houses, bank loans, cars, tractors, furniture, appliances, clothes, plants, seeds, livestock, hats, boots, hammocks, if one can think of it, one can probably find it (at a special price of course) at the fair. Every year we wait until the day after the fair closes and enter in with the pick-up to make a few purchases at rock bottom prices. What vendor doesn’t want to lighten their load before returning home or traveling off to the next Central American festival?

Of course there are rides, food and games at the Azuero fair that can be found in any comparable fair in the United States, but here in Panama everything is a little cheaper, slightly more rustic and show cases a unique Latin American cultural flare.

We spent a quick afternoon walking around the International Fair of the Azuero while it was in town a few months ago scoping out our post fair purchasing options. Here are a few photos of the fair on a quiet afternoon before the crowds arrived.