Dulceria Yely Pedasi Desserts

There are few Panamanians that have traveled to Pedasi that have not stopped by “la dulceria” for a cake and a refreshing chicha.pedasi panama The Dulceria Yely or La Dulceria as it is locally called is both nationally and internationally known for their great sweets and sugary juices or chichas. La señora Dalila, the owner, is just as well known in Panama as Mireya Moscoso, the ex-presidenta of Panama and Pedasi native. Dalila is as sweet as her pastries. She reminds me of my loving grandmother – friendly, sweet, petite and happy to serve you something delicious to eat. Always smiling and ready to sit and talk.

Whenever I am traveling around Panama and a local asks me where I live, as soon as I mention Pedasi, they mention La Dulceria. La Dulceria Yely is probably Pedasi’s most well known attraction. People from all over the world pose for a photo with Dalila and frame them to put on her wall in the dining area. The walls are completely covered with photos.

On your trip to Pedasi, take a moment to go by the Dulceria and enjoy a homemade cake, chicha or coffee. You can not travel to Pedasi and not visit La Dulceria Yely and La Señora Dalila. It’s Pedasi’s most popular landmark!