Dim’s Hostal Pedasi

A little over three years ago I arrived in Panama for the first time. My destination, Pedasi Panama where my son lived. During my ten day stay I lived at dims pedasi panama hotel Dim’s Hostal. My son kept me busy taking me places and showing me the sights. Those memories I will always treasure. But when it was time to rest back to my little haven I went. Not knowing anyone, the girls working there were very tolerant of my total lack of Spanish speaking knowledge. And with the spirit of the Panamanian people these ladies went out of their way to help me. It is a neat spot to lounge out doors in the breakfast area, hammac hanging and internet indulgence area covered by a tile roof built under a huge mango tree. The rooms are very reasonably priced, spotlessly clean and wonderfully cool. Not to be forgotten is the great breakfast every morning. Dim’s Hostel is just past Smiley’s and Grupo Moreno on the right across from The Bakery.