Café Limón Bed and Breakfast near Pedasi

Named after the small community where it is located, Café Limón is a great place to stay on the outskirts of

Café Limón is a popular bed and breakfast with wifi and an attached cafe. Owned by a young american named Devin and his Panamanian wife, Café Limón is a comfortable hotel with spacious rooms connected to a large communal den and kitchen. Out back is a garden and rancho sitting area with hammocks for guests to enjoy the beautiful Azuero evenings.

Devin is an accomplished violinist often called upon for weddings and lessons, sometimes flown across the globe for solo appearances. He is known to break his instrument out and serenade guests while having a few drinks out under the rancho. I once listened to him play the theme from Braveheart. For a moment I felt like I was on the Scottish plain with William Wallace about to join in the battle for Independence against King Edward. Damn, Devin can stroke a chord! Powerful!

If you are looking for a great place to stay in the Pedasi area contact Devin and Neymi at Café Limón. The hotel is just a couple of kilometers outside of Pedasi at the Limón turn off to Destiladeros. They have a wooden sign on the left, you can not miss it.  I guarantee they will go out of their way to take good care of you and make sure you have a great stay on the Azuero Peninsula.