Bulls loose in the Park Pedasi Panama

As expected there was no shortage of action this year in Pedasi for the annual desfile de carretas and toros suelto en el parque - which translates to annualdesfiles de carretas, toros suelto, azuero, los santos, fiesta folkloric festival topped off with bulls being let loose in the Pedasi town park.

This year for me it was a family affair.  Almost all the important ladies in my life wanted to get close to the bulls and boy did they ever.  My girlfriend, mom and younger sister were all lucky enough to have a raging bull and wanna-be wranglers with in just a few feet of them. Yes, a seven hundred pound bovine and about ten men nearly trampled half of my family in one quick commotion.  Good thing I had a camera!

Normally the bulls run for the most uncrowded area, which is usually just in front of them in the main street. The bulls (sometimes they are cows, but who cares, it’s still exhilarating) generally shoot out the back of the truck at full throttle when the gate’s lifted, bucking down the street. But not this year, this year two out of three of them took a hard right straight into the crowd.   Pucha and my Mom ran out to the side with the crowd one way and Lauren clung to a flimsy light post for protection after diving the other way. I don’t think the skinny light post would have helped her much. I thought my mother was going to have a heart attack. I wish I took a photo of her face after it was over, she looked in total shock. I doubt any of them will want to get as close up to the action next year.

The desfiles or parade with all the folkloric carts was a lot of fun as always.  People were dancing, singing and of course drinking lots of Seco and beer. Mostly kids were riding in the carts, while the “of age” towns people were staying close to the mobile bars and coolers they drag with them during the laps made around the Pedasi park. It’s hot during these parades and very important to rehydrate (drink alcohol).

The party truly was a great time and as fun as ever. The always lively people of Pedasi are great hosts and love to have a good time.

Thanks again Pedasi for a boisterous party. I can’t wait till next year!