Baba House Local Artisan Pedasi

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Baba House Pedasi

Traveling around the different tourist areas of Panama one will quickly notice many street artisans selling their work

Baba, real name Elvis, is one of Pedasi’s most talented hand-craftsman when it comes to natural material fashion accessories. Baba and his girlfriend have a shop set  up at their house and many days are at the beaches or festivals selling their merchandise. Baba is also known for making beautiful custom lamps, using coconut shells, bamboo and large colorfully painted fish scales along with other natural recycled items. His work is hanging in many of the local restaurants and homes.

If you are in Pedasi and would like 100% Pedasian made souvenirs to take back home – just ask nearly any one “donde esta Baba House” and they will point you in the right direction.

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