Azuero Peninsula Los Santos Dry Season

It is that time of year again. Peak of the dry season on the Azuero Peninsula.

azuero dry season

Panama Dry Season

Like many central american nations, all of the Pacific coast of Panama goes through a dry period between the months of January to April. The degree of dryness in different parts of the country depends on various factors, but one thing for certain – no where is as dry as the Arco Seco de Panama. Positioned in the south east corner of the Azuero Peninsula and at the center of the Arco Seco, Los Santos is historically the driest province in Panama. It is the middle of March as I write this and we have not seen rain here for months. The way the land looks at the moment it’s hard to imagine the rainy season when the earth is lush, green and tropical.  Seasons change fast. It is like going from tropical jungle to dry desert with in just a few weeks. Sure some trees maintain their foliage, but the vast majority lose their leaves and the grasses dry up into dust.

I recently took a trip to the highest point in Los Asientos, a small community between Pedasi and Playa Venao. The landscape offered a great glimpse of the local terrain during the peak of the dry season.

During the dry season cattle are moved from one range to another in search of grass to eat. It’s a tough battle to keep cows fed when every blade of grass is being scorched by the hot tropical sun and howling dry season winds. Cattle become very skinny by the end of the season. Most of the time the ranchers drive the cattle down the main road. One has to be careful while on the roads in this part of Panama because a large herd may create a traffic jam, like the one I experienced on my way to Los Asientos. Those of us that live here are used to herds on the highways, but for the tourist – this is a new experience. I had to snap a few photos, just like a tourist!

If you are planning on living in this part of Panama it is a good idea to visit during both seasons to appreciate the drastic difference between one and the other. The wet season is great for planting and landscaping while the dry season is perfect for construction. Either way, by the end of both seasons you will probably be ready for the change.

I know right now – this gringos ready for rain!