Agro Cliníca Veterinaria San Antonio Pedasi Panama

Obviously, no one likes to see one of their pets sick. Such as we found ourselves early one morning when our golden retriever ScotiPedasi Vet Clinic was slightly convulsing, vomiting foam and had a bloody nose. Not good!

Luckily their is a vet here in Pedasi. Dr. José Rodríguez Díaz is the owner of the Agro Cliníca Veterinaria San Antonio. He has helped us a few different times between the cat and the dog. Though Dr. Díaz probably works more with cattle and horses he seems to do a good job with felines and canines. He’s kept our’s alive a number of times. God knows the cat is pushing his nine lives limit.

This time Scoti was probably only poisoned by a toad or a lizard.  He likes to chase the toads and iguanas around the house. Maybe he will learn not to bite them. After a look over, Scoti got a IV with stomach medicine, some vitamins and a treat. With-in no time he was back to his normal self. Hopefully he will stay away from licking toads.