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The Panama Portal is all about sharing knowledge.  Here are some links to some of our favorite websites that you may enjoy or find helpful.


Panama Surf Schoolsurf lessons, tours, boards

Surf Lessons, Surfboard Rentals and Surf Tours

The premier surf school in Panama. Located in beautiful El Palmar, near the small beach town of San Carlos, only an hour away from Panama City. Our experienced instructors will teach you all aspects of beginner surfing to ensure you have a safe and fun experience.


The Resilient Family

kids, relocation, expats “Escape the rat race, think for yourself, practice self reliance and pursue your passions.”

Great website and articles from an american expat family relocated here in Panama. They also authored a informative, cut to the chase, “no bullshit” book available online for those with kids thinking about breaking away from the states to move to the tropics.




Anamaya Yoga
Resort in Costa Rica
costa rica, panama, montezuma, resort

Mind, Body & Spirit
Yoga Retreat & Yoga Teacher Training Resort
Montezuma, Costa Rica

Anamaya Resort is truly an exotic place, built on a cliff edge and overlooking the most incredible ocean views. The resort is a few steps away from epic waterfalls, surrounded by rainforests, and located in one of the world’s most beautiful tropical beach towns. “Anamaya” is Sanskrit for “good health” and that is our focus. Our unique retreat center offers gourmet organic food, yoga teacher training, several types of yoga classes and retreats, a variety of luxurious spa services, and an array of uniquely designed retreat packages, workshops and classes all in respect to the body, mind and spirit.

Anamaya Yoga Resort in Costa Rica


Jerome Mosetic
Surf Photography
south africa, panama, travel, photography, surf

Jerome was born in 1976 in South Africa and has been surfing and traveling the world since his early teens.

This passion has taken him around the globe and has had the privilege of visiting/living/traveling to the following countries China,Thailand,Indonesia,Singapore,Malaysia,Australia,Fiji,Hawaii,Mainland U.S.A(Florida,California),US Territories(St Thomas Puerto Rico) England,Ireland,Holland,Spain,France,Med Island (Mallorca), Tobago,St Vincent & Grenadines, St Lucia,Dominica,Martinique,Antigua,St Maarten,St Barts,British Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic,Brazil,Costa Rica,Dubai,Kuwait

Indonesia has been his favourite destination and he has been there somewhere into the double digits.

In the last few years he has been dabbling in surf photography and combining this new passion with the travel and surfing lifestyle.


Panama Surfing Guidetours, travel, tourism

Panama is blessed with two coasts on two different oceans which creates swell opportunity year round.  This consistent surf and central location makes Panama a perfect choice for travelig surfers.

Finding perfect, peeling and uncrowded waves in a foreign land is difficult and time consuming.  We here at Panama Surfing Guide offer you the opportunity to go straight to the best breaks in Panama with an experienced bilingual surfer as your personal guide.  Our job is to maximize your trip time, for a successful surfing adventure.


Panamas Treasure
Surfing Charters
surfing, sailing, fishing, diving, charters, travel, pacific, bocas, san blas

Surfing and Sailing charters on both the Pacific and Caribbean Oceans aboard the beautiful and luxurious Patron, a traditional wooden motor sailor built in 2003 that boasts five double cabins with their own showers, toilets and AC. Roomy chill-out spots on deck allowing everybody more than enough space for relaxation. A nice saloon that offers shelter and entertainment with a flat screen TV, PlayStation, table and a couch.

surfing, tours, videos, contests, travel, photos
Panama Surf, videos, photos, trips, tours, shops, reports -

Everything surfing in Panama.





Gringo Productions

Playa Venao, Panama, Surf, Gringoproduced, youtube

Youtube Video Channel Gringoproduced
created by American ExPat invested more ways than one in the biggest little country in Latin America – Panama! Browse videos about some of Charlie’s experiences here in Panama, some are interesting, others silly, but almost all at least slightly entertaining.



Bocas del Toro Official Website

bocas del toro panama

Bocas del Toro english language Website

Welcome to Bocas del Toro!
It is difficult to express in a few words what you can feel when you visit the Bocas del Toro archipelago. Only some places around the world keep this particular atmosphere, seductive, primitive and unforgettable.

Read more…



Panama Daze Blogpanama blog

“Culture Shock and Delight.”
Articles wind among topics such as folklore, noble causes, origins of place names, festivals, bugs and beasties, bringing pets, life hacks to help expats acclimate, the occasional review of a Panama-related book, etc.






Our Third Life-Pedasi, Panama

The new life of Connie & Mikkel Moller in Panama.
We have created this blog to share with family and friends our adventure in moving from Auburn in the Sierra foothills of California to the beach village of Pedasi, Panama.