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Pure Tree Coconut Oil and Coconut Lips

Pure Tree Coconut Oil and Coconut Lips

I’m not sure if it’s because we’re feeling generous or if it’s because I (Lauren) bought waaaaay to much while in Bocas del Toro last week but we at The Panama Portal want to share the love!

From right now  until Sunday, October, 28th at 12:00 am (Panama Time) everyone who “LIKES” our Facebook fan page  will be entered to win a sampling of Up in the Hill’s delish Pure Coconut Oil and Coco Lips! (See the photo!)

Up in the Hill is a small farm on Isla Basimientos in Bocas del Toro that not only produces some amazing body products but they make organic chocolate too!  Sorry, I ate all the chocolate so it’s not included in the prize!

The Pure Coconut Oil is great for your skin.  It’s super hydrating and super delicate…great for around your eyes and your entire face.  It’s super nourishing for hands and nails to.  It’s great to tame fly aways on those hot humid days and to nourish your parched skin for those of you in the colder parts of the world!

You can even cook with it!  Use it the same way you would use olive oil or drop a bit in your coffee, baked goods and cocktails.

The Coco Lip balm is phenomenal for dry, lips.  Smooth, luscious and tasty too!

Men, these two items are great for you too!  Coconut Oil is great for bug bites and sunburns and I have man surfer friends that I have to keep my eyes on because they are always trying to steal my Coco Lips out of my beach bag!

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