Playa Coronado Panama Shopping Malls

Panama Shopping, Playa Coronado

Nearly every friend traveling to Panama from the states for the first time to visit me are always worried about what to bring. "Sunscreen? Toothpaste?  Bug spray?  Surf wax? Tylenol?  Can I get this or that there?"  I understand that Panama is not totally first world in many respects, but Noriega is not here running around in his … [Read more...]

Pedasi Mini-Super Aires del Mar

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FOOD! What a happy day it was when I discovered the Mini Super Aires del Mar had opened in Pedasi Panama. My oh my what a thrill to walk through the aisles and discover long sought after food items and not have to drive to another town. Not only that, but the owners are happy to have your business and let you know it with a friendly … [Read more...]

Public Market in El Valle, Panama


The Public Market in El Valle is impossible to miss.  Located right in the middle of town in a beautiful, newly renovated, open air, covered building.  Sundays and Saturdays are the best days to visit the market as every stall is filled with vendors.  The public market will fulfill all your floral,  Panamanian crafts, baked goods, and … [Read more...]

Pedasi Hardware Stores

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HARDWARE IN A HURRY As I have mentioned before in other articles, being a retired single woman in Pedasi can sometimes be interesting. A classic case for needing hardware in a hurry happened to me when my toilet handle broke. After having it repaired, replaced etc. twice before by a gentleman, I decided to take matters into my own … [Read more...]

Fast food in Panama


For those of you who can't live without the artery clogging and the heart attack inducing fast foods then don't fret.  Panama has an ample supply of McDonalds, Taco Bells, Dominos and just about any other fast food chain you require. While out shopping one day Pucha and I needed to quell our craving for some good old fashioned southern … [Read more...]

Department Stores in Panama – Madison

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"Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping." After getting settled into my new house in Pedasi it was time to do a little "nesting."  The closest shopping center to Pedasi is about an hour away in Chitre.  The first stop was Madison which is like a JCPenny's on crack.  The first floor is all … [Read more...]

The Home Depot of Panama. Shopping in Chitre.


The Do-It Centers in Panama are a lot like Home Depot except they smell better and the floors are finished and not concrete like at the Depot. Visit the Do-It Center for all your home improvement and hardware needs.  This is the place to go for floor fans and storage items.  The selection is good and most electric and higher priced … [Read more...]

Restaurants in Las Tablas – El Caseron

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The lovely Pucha Garcia and I spent most of the day Friday doing what (most) girls do best.  Lunching, shopping and laughing.  Our first stop of the day was El Caseron in Las Tablas.  El Caseron is a large, bright restaurant with inside and outside seating that is widely considered the best restaurant in Las Tablas. The menu includes … [Read more...]

La Arena de Chitre

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Just north of Chitre, on the road to Divisa, is the small town of La Arena. La Arena is nationally known for it's hand made pottery and fresh bread. There are panaderias (bakeries) on nearly every corner in La Arena and between the panaderias there is probably a small family owned shop selling their hand made pottery and hammocks among … [Read more...]


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Grocery stores and mini markets are abundant in Panama, but by far the one with the most variety is Rey.  You’ll find Rey through out Panama City and in most larger cities in Panama like David and Chitre.  Fresh produce, a pharmacy, a deli, bakery, frozen foods, hardware and pet supplies, Rey has it all.  Some have Duran coffee shops and … [Read more...]