Traditional Kuna Yala Molas in San Blas, Panama.


The Mola is a traditional hand sewn fabric created by the women of the Kuna Yala.  The origins of the mola began as body painting but were eventually transfered onto fabric primarily through painting and later on through stitching.  Some of the oldest molas are dated between 150 and 170 years old. Traditional molas are designed with … [Read more...]

Ailigandi Community in San Blas, Panama


The Ailigandi Community in San Blas, Panama is one of the largest in the area.  I was fortunate enough to spend a day there on a recent trip to San Blas.  I took a boat to the island and with my guide wandered around, played with local children and talked with members of the community.  It was a truly unique opportunity to see what day to … [Read more...]

Dad Ibe Kuna Yala Lodge – San Blas, Panama


I believe that everything happens for a reason and it was destiny for me to stay at Dad Ibe Lodge. I was so lucky to spend my nights at Dad Ibe Lodge while in San Blas.  I like to travel alone but it's not always easy.  Many hotels and tour companies will not cater to a party of one.  Dad Ibe Lodge was the fourth place I called after … [Read more...]

Achutupo Community, San Blas, Panama


Achutupo is a medium-sized island community in the eastern part of San Blas, Panama.  This part of the San Blas Isalnds is the most distant area tourists can visit (by plane and small boat).  It's a great place to spend a few days  especially if you are interested in Kuna life and culture.  The Kuna in this area don't see as many tourists … [Read more...]

Kuna Yala Funerary Procedure, San Blas, Panama


I was lucky enough to visit a Kuna Cemetary while in San Blas.  I know this doesn't sound like the greatest way to spend time in such a tropical paradise but knowing about my surrounding culture is directly linked to my enjoyment of my trips.  Here's a bit of info on Kuna Funerary Procedure. When a Kuna man dies the body is placed in a … [Read more...]

Fetching fresh water in San Blas, Panama


Getting fresh water to the islands in San Blas is a task.  There isn't any infrastructure in this part of the country so fresh water for bathing and cooking has to be fetched.  First the boat gets loaded with the empty water barrells and the trip through the sea to the river begins.  Tie the boat up to a tree and start your  precarious … [Read more...]

Isla Perro – Dog Island in San Blas, Panama


Dog Island is a small mostly uninhabited island located near the Achutupu Community in the San Blas Archipelago in Panama.  It is named after the three dogs that are the only residents on the island.  These perros (dogs) offer visitors  a tail wagging, warm and excitied welcome to the island that is perfect for sunning, swimming and … [Read more...]