Quesos Chela, Roadside food in Capira, Panama

Quesos Chela

I’ve spent a large portion of my adult life living abroad and traveling the globe.  Throughout that time I feel that I’ve become a connoisseur of road food.  When you spend hours driving the open road or on busses, a stop at a local eatery is always a welcome break.  You never know who you might meet, what sort of information you will … [Read more...]

Casa del Horno, Boutique hotel in Casco Viejo, Panama

Casa del Horno, Casco Viejo, Panama

Casa del Horno is an uber chic boutique hotel in Casco Viejo, Panama.  Located on Avenida B in the Colonial District in Panama City just a few doors down from Tantalo. Casa del Horno translates to “the oven house.” It was originally built as a bakery by the French in the 1850’s.  Casa del Horno has been tastefully restored with modern … [Read more...]

Palmar Puppies! Palmar, Panama

Palmar Puppies, Palmar, Panama

I spent a couple of days on the beach in Palmar with my friend last week.  One of my favorite things to do was every morning take the pups for a swim in the Pacific.  I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, us or the dogs. Playa Palmar is a black sand beach on the Pacific Coast about one and a half hours outside of the city.  It's a small … [Read more...]

Playing in the Mud, Pozos Termales, El Valle, Panama


If you know me even a little you know I'm a sucker for a spa treatment.  I've visited and written about the Pozos Termales (hot springs) in El Valle before so I won't go into too much detail (click the previous links for specific information on how to get there and step by step instructions on what to do once you arrive).  This time my … [Read more...]

The Perils of Living in Panama and How to Deal

Locked in. Just out of arms reach.

Each and every day I get to wake up truly happy.  Happy because I'm confident in what I'm doing, I'm surrounded (near and far) by people who love me and I truly LOVE where I am living.  A large part of this happiness comes from the ability to laugh at myself and at situations I often find myself in.  And as a foreigner living in Panama, … [Read more...]

Rufina Alfaro, Hero of Los Santos, Panama

Rufina Alfaro, Hero of Los Santos

A very modernist (and very naked) representation of Rufina Alfaro stands in the town square of Los Santos, Panama.  The story behind her nakedness is as follows. Panama was under Spanish rule and itching for its freedom, especially in the interior town of Los Santos. Rufina Alfaro came to the rescue with her ginormous breasts. Rumor … [Read more...]

Carnival at night, Los Santos, Panama

Carnivale at night

Carnival at night is a sight to see. Carnaval is always a sight to see but at night everything is shinier, glitzier and more glamorous.  This year I celebrated in Los Santos on the Azuero Peninsula.  The day time festivities are crazy, complete with water-soaked street parties. But when the sun goes down...that's when the real party … [Read more...]

Vice President Juan Carlos Varela

Vice President Juan Carlos Varela

Accessibility.  That's what is really great about Panama.  It is so easy to just meet random people. And sometimes that random person is quite famous. Insert current Panamanian Vice President Juan Carlos Varela.  Now in all honesty, I had no idea who he was until a friend of mine pointed him out and insisted I have my photo taken with … [Read more...]

First Pedasi Olympic Triathlon and Sprint, Playa Arenal, Panama

First Pedasi Olympic Triathlon and Sprint, Playa Arenal, Panama

I started off my day today with a quick jaunt to Playa Arenal to check out the First Pedasi Olympic Triathlon and Sprint.  This is the second triathlon of the season here in Panama that is valid for national ranking thus drawing professional competitors from all over the country. The athletes swim for 1500 meters, cycle for 40 … [Read more...]

Carnival in Los Santos, Panama…in the thick of the action

Ever go to a parade and think, "DANG!  These barricades that are here for my safety are really getting in the way of me being a part of the action." Well in Panama, that doesn't happen.  You want to be a part of the action, you just jump right in!  Dance, march, sing or shout!  You can be as involved and as close as you want to be! I … [Read more...]